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Stork is an open source management tool for ISC's open source software systems.

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Graphical Dashboard

Stork is a web-based graphical dashboard for your Kea DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers. It displays essential operational information in simple and clear tabular format, with easy filtering and sorting. Color highlights make it easy to quickly spot high utilization and failure conditions. Stork features a well-documented web API for automation. Deploy Stork on one of your Kea servers, or on a separate platform.

Complete Kea DHCP Monitoring Solution

Stork allows you to monitor all your servers in a single screen. Monitor both the platform and application health of individual servers by clicking through to detail screens. Stork displays your aggregated address plan (including both subnets and shared networks), with pool size and current pool utilization, analyzing configuration as well as usage. Stork makes it easy to see your high-availability pairs and their status.

Chart DHCP Activity over Time

The Stork Agent integrates with the Prometheus time series data store and Grafana visualizer to provide customizable graphs of all your DHCP traffic data. The Stork Agent can be used without the Stork Dashboard if you only want the time-series data.


Stork is open sourced, licensed under MPL2.0. Some features may rely on non-open source extensions to the Kea DHCP server.